Saturday, September 5, 2009

South Silver at really, really, really low water

Darcy (me) in the "Teacups" This was the best part of our low water run.

So there we were sitting in Coloma, CA sweltering in the 108 degree heat, and somewhat bored out of our minds. We had just finished our first lap down Upper Cherry Creek and were waiting for Bill to get back from France so we could go back in for round 2. We had heard that people were still doing South Silver so we headed up there one evening to beat the heat.

Here I am scouting from a unique low water vantage point.

We were very skeptical about the extremely low flow, but ran into 2 guys at the take out who had just done the run and claimed it was worthwhile, so we went to the put in.

Me trying to figure out how the hell to avoid contact with that rock at the bottom of the slide

I had only done South Silver once before and the water was relatively high then--because that's how those damn Beveridge brothers like it. During my first trip, we were all worried about getting worked in the hole at the bottom of Autobahn. Despite the speed we picked up on the slide, the hole was big enough to be a formidable obstacle to our downriver progress. This trip was quite the opposite. Don and I were worried about how to not hit the giant rock that makes the hole at high water! Well, we both hit it, but they were glancing blows and we were on our way.

Don, one of the random slides (at least I don't know the name for it).

Here's Don finding some deep water in Skyscraper.

Don entering Off Ramp.

Me bouncing my way down Off Ramp. I'm lucky my boat didn't break on this one!

So, I can't say that I recommend South Silver at these flows (hmmm, maybe it was 50cfs and that's probably a generous guess).
Unless you're really hot and bored, I'd give it a miss unless there's a bit more water. South Silver is, however, an awesome run at regular flows, so when you hear people saying it's a good medium level, go for it!
South Silver Logistics:
Coming soon--I have to ask Don because I can't remember how to get there other than driving up towards Ice House Reservoir from hwy 50.